Health Insurance


Halcyon Healthcare is an Independent Specialist Health and Protection Insurance Broker based in London and Yorkshire.

Whether you are a large corporate company, an SME, a partnership, a sole trader, an individual or a family, we seek the private medical insurance (PMI) policy from a wide range of insurers that best fits your budget and your particular healthcare needs.

Private medical insurance (PMI)
Ask us how to cover pre-existing conditions and policies that do not increase your premiums following a claim. Private medical insurance provides prompt treatment with a consultant of your choice at a time to suit you in a private hospital with your own peaceful, en-suite room.

Difficult to book an appointment with your GP?
The ever increasing demands on GPs time and resources can make it difficult to book an appointment just when you need it. If you commute some distance to work daily, that can mean taking a lot of time off work to see your local GP.

Now, in the digital age, insurers have recognised the problem and set up a network of GPs that you can consult online and receive medication or a referral to a consultant, as needed.